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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dota IMBA 3.77b AI EN Download-Dota Imba Map

DotA IMBA 3.77b AI EN Map is one more addition in the huge database of DotA based fun-mode maps. The term imba is derived from "Imbalance" word which is often used as online gaming slang. DotA IMBA is certainly an imbalance map, It has IMBA-fied abilities of every hero in DotA. Imagine meat hook with 3500 range and POTM's Elune arrow going through the whole map.


• Imba Hero Spells/Abilities
• More powerful items.
• Obtain a free random item (from Ancient of Wonders shop)
• Achievement Points
• Improved Visual effects
• New Hero: Ice Phoenix

Pandaren Brewmaster Primal SplitOmniknight Purification
Shadowfiend Requiem of SoulsPugna Nether Blast

DotA IMBA v3.77b AI EN Download:
DotA-IMBA-3.77b.rar (mirror 1)

Download the map and extract it in your "Warcraft 3\Maps\Download" folder.

The cool feature about this map is, You can play it offline against computer (AI bots) and have fun, This map has some extra items too for more fun which is pretty amusing. DotA IMBA was originally created by Chinese map developer(s) Mimya, later Harreke provided English translation of this map. Make sure you play this map with your friends, You won't regret!


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